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Another call to action. Please contact your state Representative and tell them to support HB 900 tonight.

Urgent Call to Action! HB 900 Floor Vote Alert! Wednesday, April 19th!

We Must Combat the Sexualization of Children by Adults this Legislative Session!

On Wednesday, the Texas House is set to hear the first priority bill of the Republican Party of Texas: Priority Four: Stop Sexualizing Texas Kids. HB 900 by Representative Jared Patterson mandates new school library standards related to collection and development, prohibiting sexually explicit materials from Texas public school libraries. This mandate also extends to a district’s digital library and its classroom libraries. Vendors will be required to label sexually explicit materials and sexually relevant materials, making them easier for school districts to identify. While sexually relevant materials will require parental permission for check out, sexually explicit materials can no longer be sold to Texas schools. Within weeks of becoming law, vendors must issue a recall on materials previously sold to school districts. Most importantly, vendors that are non-compliant will no longer be able to contract with school districts in the state of Texas. HB 900 creates exceptionally strong regulatory mandates. The state has a compelling interest to protect children from sexualization. HB 900 ensures that all Texas children, regardless of where they live or attend school, are protected from age-inappropriate, sexually explicit materials in their schools. HB 900 puts the brakes on radical sexual ideology in our public schools! It is model legislation for the rest of the nation, but it must pass here first! After you have watched the video below, please contact Republican House members using the link below and ask them to vote yes on HB 900! In liberty and God’s grace, Christin Bentley M.S. SREC SD-1 Legislative Priorities Committee Chair, Stop Sexualizing Texas Kids



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