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1776 Restoration Movement Mission Statement

1776 Restoration Movement stands UNITED to peacefully redress our grievances and demand OUR government restore the Rule of  Law and restore Our Constitutional Rights.

The fear of government becoming too powerful worried the founders of this great nation. They had the foresight to include amendments to the United States Constitution that guarantee Peoples' rights and provide surety that no future U.S. politician or president can ever  disregard or take them away.

We the People have forgotten the real power We the people possess.


In the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights, the founders of this great nation safeguarded WE THE PEOPLE from any future power-hungry group or individuals attempt to establish tyrannical rule. Further, the Bill of Rights guarantees ALL of us the Right to Free exercise of Religion, of Speech, of  Press, the Right of the People to Peacefully Assemble, and the Right of the People to Petition the Government for Redress of Grievances. Congress is prohibited from infringing upon ANY of these rights.

It is time to reclaim OUR voice from the mainstream media, tyrannical politicians, corporations, and other groups who attempt to stifle us. They do not represent the TRUE voice of WE the People.  They do not represent US. We are picking up the bullhorn and making ourselves HEARD.

The 1776 Restoration Movement is not only red; we aren't only blue. WE are Red, White, and Blue, WE are freedom-loving Americans, UNITED in our mission.

This great and beautiful nation belongs to ALL of us.

The 1776 Restoration Movement is drawing that line in the sand.

It's past time to shine the light of Truth on the tyrannical.

We must exercise our God-given and Constitutionally-granted Rights to address the grievances of We the PEOPLE. Will you join us to preserve these rights and defend OUR Republic?

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