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This takes time! Candidates are interviewed at least an hour. We also run criminal and financial background checks.Don't see any graphics? Click here for full web version of this email.If you received this email as a forward,please sign up hereto continue receiving our updates.ShareTweetForward

WARNING! There is an active effort among ANTI-CONSERVATIVE groups (from the Left and the Right) to mobilize Democrats to vote in the Republican Primary! Their only mission is to defeat conservative candidates. For the March 5 Primary, we MUST turn out record numbers of Republicans who normally wait to vote in November against Democrats. Your job is to call every person you know who is fixated on turning out in November "to keep Texas Red" and tell them that if we are to save Texas, we need the MOST conservative candidate winning on March 5th! Tell them the Democrats are going to pollute the Republican Primary and we need Republicans to step up and vote! Want to know more about the incumbent Texas House Republicans these candidates are challenging? Click here.

We need more conservatives voting in the March 2024 Primary if we are going to have the strongest closed border, limited gov't, pro-family, pro-decency, anti-DC, anti-WOKE CONSERVATIVES on the ballot in November to thrash the Democrats!

Cliff Wiley US Representative TX 6 to fire Jake Elzey

Clint Dorris US Representative TX 12 open seat, retiring Kay Granger

Julie Clark US Representative TX 23 to fire Tony Gonzales

Jack Reynolds House District 99 to Fire Charlie Geren

Brandon Hall State Board of Education, District 11

Dual Endorsement Jamie Kohlmann & Pam Little State Board of Education, District 12

Previously Released Endorsement List:

Donald Trump President to fire Joe Biden

Ted Cruz US Senate re-election

Brandon Gill TX 26 open seat; Michael Burgess retiring

Christi Craddick Railroad Commissioner re-election

Dr. Mary Bone State Board of Education, District 10

John Devine Justice, Supreme Court of Texas

David Schenck Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals

Gina Parker Court of Criminal Appeals, PL 7

Clint Morgan Justice, 1st Court of Appeals, PL 7

Jace Yarbrough SD 30 open seat; Drew Springer leaving

Dale Huls HD 1 to fire incumbent Gary VanDeaver

Brent Money HD 2 for Jan. 30 open seat runoff

Jeff Fletcher HD 5 to fire Cole Hefner

Daniel Alders HD 6 for open seat; Matt Schaefer retiring

Jaye Curtis HD 8 to fire incumbent Cody Harris

Paulette Carson HD 9 to fire incumbent Trent Ashby

Brian Harrison HD 10 re-election

Steve Toth HD 15 re-election

Kyle Biedermann HD 19 to fire incumbent Ellen Troxclair

Janine Chapa HD 20 to fire incumbent Terry Wilson

Tom Glass HD 17 to fire incumbent Stan Gerdes

David Covey HD 21 to fire incumbent Dade Phelan

Matthew Morgan HD 26 to fire incumbent Jacey Jetton

Edgar Pacheco Jr HD 29 for open seat; Ed Thompson retiring

AJ Louderback HD 30 for open seat;Gennie Morrison retiring

Dennis London HD 33 to fire incumbent Justin Holland

Wesley Virdell HD 53 open seat; Andy Murr retiring

Devvie Duke HD 56 open seat; Doc Anderson retiring

Mike Olcott HD 60 to fire incumbent Glenn Rogers

Chuck Branch HD 61 to fire Frederick Frazier

Keresa Richardson HD 61 to fire Frederick Frazier

Shelley Luther HD 62 to fire incumbent Reggie Smith

Vince Gallo HD 63 to fire incumbent Ben Bumgardner

Andy Hopper HD 64 to fire incumbent Lynn Stucky

Mitch Little HD 65 to fire incumbent Kronda Thimesch

Wayne Richard HD 66 to fire incumbent Matt Shaheen

Daren Meis HD 67 to fire incumbent Jeff Leach

Kerri Kingsbery HD 68 to fire incumbent David Spiller

Liz Case HD 71 to fire incumbent Stan Lambert

Tim Greeson HD 85 to fire incumbent Stan Kitzman

Jamie Haynes HD 86 to fire incumbent John Smithee

Abraham George HD 89 to fire incumbent Candy Noble

David Lowe HD 91 to fire incumbent Stephanie Klick

Barry Wernick HD 108 to fire incumbent Morgan Meyer

Marc LaHood HD 121 to fire incumbent Steve Allison

John Perez HD 133 to fire incumbent Mano DeAyala

Tim Good 18th District Attorney,Johnson & Somervell Counties

Chip Krieger Van Zandt County Sheriff

Cary Mellama Wise County Sheriff

Chip Krieger Van Zandt County Sheriff

David Eishen Wood County Commissioner, Pct 3

Joyce Yannuzzi Comal County Commissioner, Pct 1

Sara Maynard Smith County Court at Law 2

Austin Reeve Jackson Judge, 114th District Court

Christina Drewry Smith County Commissioner, Pct 1

J Scott Herod Smith County Commissioner, Pct 3

Terry Phillips Smith County Commissioner, Pct 3

Josh Joplin Smith County Constable, Pct 4

No Endorsement - Criteria Not Met Smith County Republican Party Chair

Previously Released Recommendation List:

Larry Smith Smith County Sheriff

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