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Good and Blessed morning Iowa Patriots...My to do list while here on the farm brings out the memories of how complicated of battling the ice and cold to keep the animals hydrated and of course that means toting water up and down the hill to them in the winter and hauling wood up the hill..I did cheat and used the kids sled though GOD is good and always provides an answers to solve the issues..This morning I saw sunrise come up over the top the of the snow covered hill and the birds were chirping..I did not figure out how to send my the download of the fliers to the printer yet.I am greatful that while working on some other tasks that ideas do come to me to try..Prayers for good meetings and safe travels to all flag wavers and that Indianna Bob meets with some great people always in all things give thanks and glory to our Heavenly Father for wisdom and guidance.all done in Jesus Holy and Precious name..Amen

Indiana Bob


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