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Wednesday Morning Thoughts:

Primary vs General Election

Primaries will be taking place all over the country next month. This is when we need to sort out the good candidates from the self serving snakes. Often times by the time the general election rolls around it is too late if the effort has not been put forth in the primaries. The primary election is when "We the People" have the opportunity to get the right candidate in position for the general election. We have all seen, that just because someone has an R behind their name doesn't mean they are a good candidate. Besides, anymore there really is no difference between republicans and democrats when it comes to political office. It is the character of the person. Do your research and work to get the right person elected in the primary or the general election won't matter.

Had the opportunity to go door to door with two young conservative candidates last night. Spoke with folks in the local area in an effort to "EDUCATE" them as to what these individuals stood for. Told them about the upcoming primary in an effort to "MOTIVATE" them to get out and vote. We have some very important local races coming up and need to do everything we can to make sure we get the right people in position for November. Remember, the only way to take back our country peacefully is at the ballot box!

Love you all

Hippy Momma


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