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I just wanted to let everyone know we have decided to reserve an area for vendors at the meet and greet in Kansas.

We are not going to ask any money but we would very much appreciate it of course if you would like to donate something.

We are thinking we can make an area to put the vendors in and I'm thinking maybe around 15.

All items in vendors booths we would like to be relevant to what we are doing, it can be of course a stand with information about a certain group that is involved in any sort reforms or special areas.

It can be crafted items that are patriotic.

T shirts that are relevant etc etc.

If you are interested in doing this please contact me at

You would of course have to bring your own tables etc pop-ups if you need them.

Due to insurance we cannot sell any dangerous items. Or have anything on the terrain that may be hazardous or dangerous to the public.

Lisa Briley
Carol Ritz


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