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Reposting yesterday's post in correct order. Deleting old post.

I have a lady I know and one of my nieces that have reached out to me to do this. PTL. So now I am reaching out to my 1776RM family. I realize that some of you have a lot on you plate and may not be able to do this.

How many of you know about the men and women that are in jail/prison because of what happened on January 6, 2021? Some have been in prison for over two years without a court day and/or charges against them? So far there have been over 1,000 arrest.

I am looking for some that would be willing to send out cards to those that are in prison/jail. I myself mainly will be letting them know they have not been forgotten and that they are prayed for every day, for I am not good with words. It would need to be at your own expense, but if just two or five cards a week or a month even would be fantastic or whatever God lays on your heart.

I pray that I will hear from some of you and that maybe you will share this with some of your friends.

If interested please contact me at

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