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Judy  Beard
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It is a shame that it is so silent on our website since Santa stepped down. It is my belief that God is the one that put this group together to stand up for our Constitution Republic and that Santa was there to get it off the ground. We need to remember that us was not and is not "1776 Restoration Movement", it is We the People that are the 1776RM. Apparently some toes were stepped on and cause a division amongst us, but we need to heal and gather together as one again. The critters couldn't cause the collapse of us, so don't let Satan use a different tactic to cause it.

Paula and I are still working on putting an American Patriot Meet & Greet together here in Tyler, Texas area, tentatively Jan 20-21,2024. As soon as we have all the details I will post it here. Hopefully there will be many of you who will come from near and far. Also I am hoping that othere Patriot groups will join us.

God Bless America and the 1776RM and as Kentuchy always says: "FREEDOM". BOM, BOM.

Barbara Puglese
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