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Judy  Beard
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Had to share in three post because it was to long for one.

Hope it is ok to share this, if not, remove it.

Here is the story for those of you that may not know how Santa became the leader of this group . Hope I can explain without writing a booklet.

May 20, 2022 Santa came back to the TPC campsite in Hagerstown, MD after he had gone and paid for, (with his money) rental of port-a-potties to be at the DC Mall, where they were to go to protest how our country was becoming, he learned that the leaders of the TPC were closing down the convoy that afternoon, without any warning, which left a lot of people stranded with no way to get back home. No warning!!! Santa was so upset that he got in his truck and drove to some parking lot away from the campsite.



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