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Good morning fellow 1776 RM ers.

I have been working on getting a location established and a date to have a national rally. Initially supported by 1776 RM and The People's Movement.

Because of Dodge City being very close to the geographical center of the lower 48 states we have chosen that as the venue and right now I am in negotiation with a suitable place down there that should be able to cater for our needs. It will be the weekend of the 25th of August 2023 and will run from Friday afternoon (arrivals) until Sunday morning (departures)

To sketch roughly how this will happen, Friday afternoon people can start arriving and setting up there RVs tents whatever or getting settled into their motels.

Friday evening we will have an informal get together a meet and greet and will supply finger food probably water and coffee and tea any other drinks you would have to bring yourself.

Saturday morning the state leads and National Leeds of both groups would meet together also the leaders of any other groups that decided to attend the event.

Saturday evening would be a rally with speakers. Later in the afternoon we would like to do some games that would involve the kids that come and other people who would like to take part.

Today evening we would supply buffet style dinner that could be barbecue or something else I'm not sure yet. We may be able to get someone to play some music we have some talented musicians in our ranks.

Sunday morning I would like to give a moment for worship after breakfast for the people that want to attend we may see if we can get someone to come down to the venue or find a church that would welcome people.

Then everyone could take off home.

RedMamma WV
Brian Harbaugh


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