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In Memory of America

Found on the body of a “Radical Insurrectionist” killed in the last battle of World Peace. The New, New York World Times, April 21st, 2028

I’m writing this with little hope that it will ever be read by anyone, as my body will be just one of many found on this battlefield. I have fought the fight, I finished my course, I have kept the faith, henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness… My last hope is that my God will have seen that I tried, truly tried to keep this awful, yet inevitable American war from happening.

I remember when it was not inevitable. Back when, if only those like me, those who saw the Truth, believing in our Founding Principles, would have joined forces, we could have stopped the Socialist/Communist Agenda before they resorted to death as the final means of silencing our voice. It was then, that WE, who hold nothing more dear than Freedom, were forced to counter their extreme violence with our own. The horrors I have witnessed and been a part of since then haunt me most for this simple reason: THEY DID NOT HAVE TO OCCUR. All had the ability to fight it with their Voice and their Vote, but many chose not to do so. Once our Voice and our Vote was taken from us, a Call to Arms was all that was left.

This evil has been lurking in our Society for decades before my existence, arguably it existed before the creation of man. This Evil was present in Heaven itself, when Lucifer convinced one third of the Heavenly Host to attempt a coup d'etat against God Himself. I’ve heard theologians describe that war in Heaven as some long drawn out battle, where God finally prevailed. My Savior described it thus, in His eyewitness account, “I beheld Satan fall as lightning.” That is a revelation of the Power of my God. In a flash it was over.

Many have uttered to me, even those who share my side of this battlefield, “Where is your God?” Revealing once again that most men totally miss the nature of our relationship with God. We are but children, spoiled and petulant, trying to bend the Will of God to fit our plans for our lives. Reality is, we are but infants, lovingly held in His arms, who are fascinated by our own fingers that magically appear and wiggle in front of our face. We placate our own egos by comparing ourselves to our fellows. I’m no Elon Musk, but I’m no idiot either, or I’m no Mother Teresa, but I’m no Stalin. Yet, all the while thinking we know better than God what is best for ourselves, our families, and our Nation. This is at the core of our present destruction.

A Constitutional Republic depends completely on each individual’s ability to self govern, and since we are truly ignorant children, we are instantly prone to follow the guiding voice of others. Once we turn our will over to that chosen one, we immediately and completely believe what they say, and act upon their “voice of reason.” Once the corner stone is set, the rest of the building is quickly completed. The cornerstone is key, and there are only two corner stones on which all men will build. Where is my God? He is where He has always been. The more appropriate question, is where are you?

The term “woke” has been used to describe the enemy of good and right thinking. We wrapped ourselves in the mantle of self righteousness, pretending that we knew better than they who were bent on fundamentally changing our society, yet we were just as dumb as they. Arguably more stupid, for we at least acknowledged our belief that God exists, however, we never surrendered our lives, our will, or our future to Him. We thought we prayed to Him, but we were like Balaam, who was forced to realize that his donkey had greater spiritual vision than he. We played church until the bitter end and the end is this-they were more awake or "woke" than we were to their agenda. It motivated action in them, while we listlessly wandered from personality to personality in search of someone to do something.

My son, whom I had prayed for, so that I could raise a man, behaved in this hour to the level I knew he would, until I witnessed the bullets find their mark and seen him crumple to this unnecessary battlefield. I got to him as quickly as I could, but he was gone before I could hold him, just one more time. This amazing life that God had given me both the pleasure and responsibility of nurturing and training is now gone. I just pray that the cost of my failure to resurrect a peaceful army doesn’t haunt me in eternity as it has ever hour since that terrible day.

Between missions we sit and still speak of the “what if” questions that are inevitable when men are forced into horrific situations where no good exit exists. What IF all the American Patriots, those who loved our nation would have stood together? Well, many of us tried to unite our peers, but since so many had their own agenda, never having surrendered to God their selfish ways, a month or two in, cracks would begin to appear, and try as we might, we could not hold together long enough to make the difference that was needed. Discouragement and distrust then fostered the demise of each group. The cornerstone matters.

I warned, as did many others, that if we did not UNITE sincerely against this Evil, that we would not have a peaceful resolution. But this age of Evil had already instilled such fear of retaliation from this now powerful government in so many peoples’ hearts, that they willfully elected to wrap themselves in sports, work, and general life chores, erroneously convincing themselves that it wasn’t as dire as I and others said it was.

The worst, in my opinion, were those who immersed themselves into the political debate, yet did nothing to truly change our downward course. In the end, they saw the problem, but put their hope in one man, or one party to save us, learning too late that no one was coming to save us. No ONE man can save us. There is a reason that the first three words of our former Constitution were “We The People.” It was ours to protect or destroy, and we turned that authority over to the very government that it was expressly written to limit. We entrusted our Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness to others who, in the end, convinced us that they were the solution to all our needs, and eventually stole all three from us-and banked it up for themselves. Too late we learned that both Parties argued in front of cameras, but behind closed doors worked together to destroy us for their own gain.

Most Americans never dreamed that our own military and police would turn against us and work on behalf of this insane agenda. And in honesty there were many in that capacity who left to join us, but the vast majority were uneducated as to their true role as defenders of the Constitution and fell in line. We also failed to realize that with the Covid mandates on Military and police agencies, those who did understand their Constitutional duty were forced out. They have joined us and have become indispensable in this now lost cause. Too little, too late. It rings always in my mind… WHAT IF?

We have seen this Evil raise its head from time to time throughout history. In those times we have also witnessed good men fall on their knees and call upon God for Strength, Wisdom, and the Power of the Almighty, to prevail. Each time He gave us the necessary men and means to do so; however, this time we ignored His invitation and due to our faithlessness, we have lost the last hope of Freedom, America. This time Evil rose its head Globally, so when we fall, ALL Nations will soon follow.

The rest of my crew is mounting up, so I cannot finish my thoughts. I may have a few more missions ahead of me, but the pragmatist in me knows, that it will not be long until the TRUE Insurrectionists will succeed and the true Patriots will have been eliminated. All who are left but the well-connected will then be slaves to this New Order, for the Evil Woke convinced the masses that we who stood for our Founding Principles were "Insurrectionists." In reality, we were only trying to preserve the Republic and Her Constitution that regulated THEM & their Evil Agenda from going forward.

I no longer dread death, for in it I will find FREEDOM in my long home, and hopefully the blissful ignorance of all I’ve witnessed in this world.

Editors note: This note that was found on the battlefield was published to expose the mindless thought process of the radical Religious Patriot Movement that could not envision and embrace the Utopian Life for All that we are so close to realizing.

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Barbara Puglese
John G
Oct 04, 2023

I am still with you all he way. I have talked to a lot of people and handed out a lot of pamphlets hoping to hear back from people but not getting any feedback.



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