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Thursday,November 16th at Legends Steakhouse, 42 Tennessee Street Murphy, NC 28906. That is downtown, next to the movie theater. Meeting starts Promptly at 6 p.m. in the private meeting room.

Guest Speaker - Hal Weatherman

Republican nomination for the office of Lieutenant Governor

A native of North Carolina, I received my undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University and my Master's Degree from Wheaton College. I am the founder and President of the Electoral Education Foundation, a 501-c3 non profit organization dedicated to advancing election integrity efforts in North Carolina. I served as Chief of Staff to former North Carolina Lt. Governor Dan Forest and former US Representative Sue Myrick. I am a published author and have advised many Conservative candidates and campaigns over the last three decades. I am open about my Christian faith, my love for my family and my call to serve others

Barbara Puglese


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