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Membership Benefits

Limited Edition

Founding Members - We are offering an exclusive limited edition t-shirt to our founding members. Wear yours to 1776RM events, fireworks shows, and other patriotic events! This exclusive T shirt will only be offered to 1776 RM Founding Members. 

1776RM Challenge Coin

Founding Members - We are currently designing our first 1776RM challenge coin. Display it, trade it, or keep it with you. The choice is up to you because, FREEDOM! 

Founding Membership Card

You will receive a membership card with the Founding Member distinction on it. The quality is much like that of a typical bank card so you can keep it with you and even share the oath with like minded patriots!

Exclusive Access 

You will receive access to subscription only sections of the website where you will find exclusive information. There will be a special founders only forum to connect with other members. We will also be publishing founding member only polls to help make some decisions. You will be a part of this movement, not just watching it. 


You'll enjoy direct access to a weekly livestream where 1776RM leadership will answer your questions and discuss the movement. 

Access to VIP Email Address 

You will receive access to a special email address to contact the 1776RM. 

Regular Newsletters

Regular newsletters containing information of where we are going, what we are doing, and other information about the movement.

Podcast Access

Early access to the upcoming Santa and Mags podcast.

Member Badges

You'll receive special membership badges to display next to your name. These badges will allow you access to special areas of the website.

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