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Some good news for Texas, but it is so sad that such bills as these have to even be.

The Texas Senate made last week a great one for children. SB 14, Sen. Campbell’sbill to stop gender mutilation of children, was successfully debated and passed by the Senate. We are grateful for the excellent work of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Sen. Bryan Hughes, and Sen. Campbell for skillfully navigating this bill to passage.

The Senate also passed a Legislative Priorities Committee approved bill to Stop Sexualization of Children, SB 12 by Sen. Hughes, which prohibits sexual performances in the presence of children under age 18. This includes “drag queen” performances and passed with bipartisan support. The Senate also passed SB 1601, which stops so-called “Drag Queen Story Hours,” which have taken place in libraries across Texas.The bills have moved to the Texas House, where they await consideration.

In the House, we are very pleased that Rep. Jared Patterson’s HB 900 on removing explicit library books has been sent to Calendars. This is our first approved Legislative Priority bill to move in the House, and we anticipate a floor vote soon.



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