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Judy  Beard
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Sorry, this is so long.

Update on our FREEDOM PATRIOTS MEET & GREET. When I first started working on putting this together I checked to see what the average temperature was in January for Lindale TX. The answer I got was 52 degrees. I thought that's not bad. How I came up with the 20th/21st I have no idea. I was just trusting God to guide me on every move of this M&G and I believe HE did, except I may have panic over getting food service and chose the wrong people/person (that is what happens when you don't trust God in ALL things). Sometimes God waits until the 11th hour, but I didn't wait on the Lord and it cost me.

As you all know, a cold front came in. So, our attendance was low, around 30-40, but I still believe that the ones God wanted there was there. The good news is that there 2,800 people via livestream. I don’t know how many watched on Terry Anderson’s livestream. So, it may have been few in person, but it reached many people. We had to cancel the BBQ/pot luck in the park because of lack of interest because of the weather, 30 degrees and windy.

I also was approached by a couple of young ladies wanting to know if I would put another M&G together when it would be warmer weather, that they would be able to get more people to come. Then there was a couple that came to my home and we had a great conversation and they let me know of a Republic meeting that happens once a month in Lindale. So I will be trying to get to those meetings.

The speakers were great. It was so wonderful to meet Terry Anderson, Nicole Reffitt, David Sumrall and Kori Patterson. They all have agreed to come and speak if I have another M&G. I felt really bad that I had to leave before I could visit with Nicole, I hope she understood. My body told me to get home. As it was, I fell getting into my car, my poor son had to rescue me. I was not able to go to the VA Home with the convoy, ☹. The good news is that I didn’t break anything.

I will be praying, and am asking for prayer from all of you, rather I should put another M&G together for this May or June.

Kimberly Boeschling-Hinkson

Will there be a M&G nearby Amarillo, TX anytime soon?



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