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FYI for those of you who would be interested in going.

6 MILLION illegals have crossed the border since 2020! TX is ransacked, plundered, Texans disrespected. Time to say ENOUGH! Don't see any graphics? Click here for full web version of this email.If you received this email as a forward,please sign up hereto continue receiving our updates.ShareTweetForward

A Rally to Demand Action HOW MANY MORE?

On April 29, citizens of Texas and friends from other states will assemble at the Texas Capitol in Austin to demand that our elected leaders take action to put citizens first and end the crisis at the border. We want action from our state officials to shut down our southern Texas border from the invasion of illegal aliens coming in between legal ports of entry!

That means repel. That means stop “catch and release.”

Conservative donors, grassroots leaders, Texas border volunteers, and various retired law enforcement and national security experts have worked together to bring this rallying point to you! Speak up and be counted!

Texas Capitol, Austin, TX Saturday, APRIL 29, 2023 1:00 - 4 :00 PM No cost to attend! Register at


The failure of current border policies by our government makes every American complicit in the spread of human misery. It is time to stop theerosion ofTexas, America, and our values by allowing business as usual at our southern border!

How Many More...

Texans must be threatened, extorted, and held hostage on their own properties?

How Many More...

Texas communities must see their hospitals and schools overrun by non-citizens?

How Many More...

Americans must die from Fentanyl poisoning?

How Many More...

American dollars must flow to Mexican cartels and their Chinese money launderers?

How Many More...

illegal immigrants must be raped, drowned, murdered, and see their children sold into slavery?

Failure to act is undermining our national security.

Texas has a moral and constitutional responsibility to act.

The How Many More Rally will demand that lawmakers take these actions to save our nation:

  1. Declare an invasion of our southern border: Legally. Officially. And completely without reservation.

  2. Define Mexican cartels as terror organizations: Take all actions possible to eradicate the cartels in our country.

  3. Seize cartel bank accounts and assets: American money is their lifeblood. Stop the flow of funds through U.S. banks and financial technology companies that benefit the cartels.

  4. Establish a Texas Border Defense Unit to protect Texans: Make this new force permanent with broad powers to confront the cartels. It’s up to Texans to save Texans and our nation.

Moms for America’s BUS INFORMATION For Houston/Brenham McAllen/Corpus Christi

The ONLY 3 ways to make Bus Reservations:

(No other routes planned at this time)

Click here for the webpage:

Or call (409) 919-0141

Or email:

Houston Bus | Captain: Ms. Davis


NE Park and Ride

15010 Hempstead Rd

Houston, TX 77040

Bus Departs: 6:00 am

2nd pick-up location: Brenham | Co-Captain: Ms. Roark


Westwood Shell Gas Station (next to movie theatre)

2150 Highway 290 West

Brenham, TX 77833

*Be sure to park behind the store (back of the building).

Bus departs: 8:00 am

McAllen Bus | Captain: Ms. Gutierrez


Academy Sports & Outdoors

651 E. Trenton Rd

Edinburg, TX 78539

Bus Departs: 6:00 am

2nd pick-up location: Corpus Christi


Corpus Christi Walmart

3829 US-77

Corpus Christi, TX 78410

Bus departs: 8:00 am

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