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Democracy, as a concept, is indeed founded on the idea that power resides with the people who participate in the decision-making process through voting and other democratic means. The principles of equality, justice, and individual freedoms are often associated with a democratic society.

However, the reality of any democratic system can sometimes fall short of these ideals. Corruption, the influence of special interests, and the pursuit of personal gain by politicians can undermine the true spirit of democracy. It is important to recognize these issues and work towards addressing them in order to strengthen democratic institutions and ensure that the government truly serves the interests of all citizens.

Advocacy for transparency, campaign finance reform, and ethical standards in politics are just a few ways to address the concerns you have raised. Additionally, active civic engagement, participating in elections, and holding elected officials accountable can help to shape a more democratic and responsive government.

Remember that democracy is an ongoing process that requires the involvement and vigilance of its citizens. By actively participating and striving for a fair and just society, individuals can make a difference and contribute to a system that upholds the principles of democracy:

liberty, justice, and equality for ALL.



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