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LAST MINUTE CHANGES. OOPS!! Kentucky has had to much on the plate lately, and let this slip thru the cracks! We are going to swap Blountville and Sneedville around. I am sorry for the short notice... Sneedville is closer to Harrogate where we are having the Seminar Thursday evening. Blountville will have us on the road all day, and we will not be up to par for the Presentation. Please accept my Humble apologies. I have no excuse; I am sorry for anyone this has negatively impacted. I will definitely try my best to get it right next time. Again. we will be meeting up in Blountville June 21 from 3-5pm. and Sneedville June 22 from 2-4pm. We will be meeting at the Gondoliers Italian Restaurant for the Seminar from 530-8pm. Hope to see as many of you as possible!



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