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I would like to again thank all of our founding members for their dedicated support. Not only for being founding members but for also visiting our online store.

It has been our supporters (at all phases) that have gotten us this far. It is because of our founding members to this point that we were able to get the online store set up, purchase the card printer, purchase a laptop to be able to do the seminar presentations and continue to supply food and fuel to the National Group. I must admit, I thought we would have had more founding members on board by now. Then I realized we have been handicapped in 2 major areas.

First, a few weeks ago our Facebook page was taken down. At that time we had over 7,000 followers that we currently have no way of reaching out to.

Second, back in the day of Bunker Hill and the National Mall there seemed to be at least a half dozen live streamers around at all times. Not the case anymore.

I know to the live streamers that educational seminars are not as exciting as the protests were and I fully understand them needing to be where the “action” is.

We are in action! Our National Group is touching base with residents and business owners daily in the great state of Indiana. This current “action” is not as fast paced, loud, or noticeable as in the past so it is going to take a bit longer to get the word out.

Based on this we need to increase our revenue. The only way currently to do that is through memberships and merchandise sales.

In the past our biggest expenses were fuel, renting property and food. Even though the group is a bit smaller there are various new expenses that are incurred. Some of these are driven by the fact that we are heading into winter!

To date the founding memberships have provided the items mentioned above. We are now getting into various advertising expenses. Flyers, Newspapers and soon to be radio ads in an attempt to reach a larger audience. We have to rent venues in order to do the presentations. (No one wants to sit outside in lawn chairs now. LOL). We are also at a point where staying in tents and campers will no longer be a good option, and will need good warm shelter.

As a result of our most recent board meeting, we are moving in the following direction.

A Black Friday membership drive. From 12am through 12pm Friday we will be offering all memberships at a 25% discount. THIS IS FOR ONE DAY ONLY!

Founding Memberships will be $112.50

Distinguished Memberships will be $56.25

Wanted to keep all of our members in the loop of what we are doing, as well as ask for your help! If you have friends, neighbors or family members that have expressed an interest in membership, please pass this info along. Hopefully the 25% discount well help some make the decision.

Share it on your Facebook pages or anywhere you can reach out to like minded patriots like yourself. We as a group and board will be reaching out to everyone we know as well. In addition, throughout the month of December keep your eye out for various promotions through the online stores.

As always, we appreciate your continued support. This is only possible because of YOU!

Love you all,


Kay Eross
Nikki Sanford


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