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Here's the vendor request for what amounts to a spying operating by the Oregon Elections Division. They say it's to stop the spread of mis, dis, and mal information regarding the integrity of our elections. Every citizen has the right to question the soundness and accuracy of their state's processes. This constitutes not only a violation of free speech but of our Fourth Amendment right against unlawful searches and seizures. Now, the state can just arbitrarily claim that your honest query is bogus just because it says so. Now, the state with the aid of a machine algorithm or AI will be the sole arbiters of Truth when it comes to election information in Oregon. Once again, the state has been as transparent as mud. THIS PROPOSAL WAS NOT GIVEN TO THE PUBLIC FOR CONSIDERATION BEFORE HAND, CITIZENS HAD TO DIG FOR IT! (Hat tip to Don Powers and Jodie Fleck for exposing this). Bottom line We? We should not have our tax dollars used against us to violate our constitutional rights. Please contact the Oregon Elections Division and the Secretary of State and DEMAND full transparency on this! Contact Phillip Andrews via email at ​​Public Service Building Suite 126 255 Capitol St. NE Salem OR 97310 503-986-1518 Toll free 1-866-673-VOTE (1-866-673-8683) Fax 503-373-7414 TTY 800-735-2900



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