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From: Senator Daniel Bonham, District 26

News and updates Legislative Newsletter Hello Friends, Welcome back to my newsletter and thank you for reading. Government-sanctioned secrecy between parent & child No child should feel alone or pressured by the government to choose a certain path, especially when it comes to the consideration of an abortion or permanent gender-altering treatment. The human brain is not fully developed until around 25-years-old, so why are we allowing young children to proceed with these significant and life changing decisions without the involvement of their parents? HB 2002 is extreme! It is government stepping in to take the place of the parent by taking away the age of consent requirements for “reproductive health care”, which includes abortion and hormone therapy for transgender youth. It creates secrecy between parent and child with respect to important medical and deep, life-altering decisions - when there should be none. HB 2002 is currently in the House Committee on Behavioral Health and Health Care, where it is awaiting passage to the House Floor. With all 17 Senate Democrats signed onto the bill, it is a foregone conclusion that the bill will pass should it move to the Senate Floor. I gave two remonstrances about HB2002: Watch here and here. With this bill, a child of any age must provide written permission for a parent to know what reproductive health services are provided by a health care provider. You read that right: The child must give the parent permission to know what is going on. With activist medical providers pushing transgender and abortion agendas without providing full disclosure of side effects or mental trauma, and no parental involvement- who will be there to provide the continuing care and nurturing to these children post treatment… the state? Radical gender alteration without parental consent is not only a violation of the state’s role in relationship to parents (and taxpayers), but it is bad for children. Children do not have the full developmental capacity or life experience to understand the permanent nature of taking hormones or to deeply consider the increased risk of cancer, osteoporosis, and sterility – which gender medical providers admit are side effects of treatment. This is before considering complications that have yet to be discovered - because this transgender affirming treatment has never been deployed on such a large scale - and does not have any significant length of study. We must not use the force of the state and the finances of its constituents to fund extreme, controversial medical procedures. The state is not a parent - never has been and never will be. I consider it a responsibility of the Oregon Legislature to “do no harm” and HB 2002 does harm. Gun grab Senate Bill 348-1 is an attempt to usurp the authority of Oregon courts. The bill is similar to Measure 114, which is currently tied up in courts for its clear unconstitutionality. Shall not be infringed, it turns out, is tough to argue with. This bill is in the Senate Judiciary Committee, and many expect it to pass out of the committee next week. I will be a vocal NO on the Floor. SB 348-1 takes a direct swipe at law abiding gun owners by criminalizing standard clip owners if purchased toward the end of last year. It creates a firearm purchasing permit requirement – a barrier of entry that will include a first-time fee of $150 and renewal fee of $110… and we are to assume those fees will never go up. Oregon already has significant barriers to firearm ownership. Additional restrictive measures will do nothing more than raise the cost and create barriers to already law abiding citizens - but do nothing to address the threat of illegal gun ownership and mental health concerns. I remain committed to real action that addresses the mental health concerns that represent the root causes of the tragedies we see far too often. Previous Newsletters A $200 million band-aid Felon Voting Hurts Victims Don’t Portland My Oregon Stop I-205 tolling Universal Health Care in Oregon Keep Our $5,200 (average per family) Kicker Oregon’s Best Solution to Gerrymandering Politicians' Pay Raises Click Here to Subscribe to Senator Daniel Bonham's E-Newsletter. I will be back with more updates soon. Until then, Senator Daniel Bonham, District 26 Capitol Phone: 503-986-1726 Capitol Address: 900 Court St NE, S-423​​, Salem, OR, 97301 Email: Website:​

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