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⛔ DANGERS OF OREGON PUBLIC INDOCTRINATION CENTERS ⛔ ⚠️Intentional harm ⚠️Intentional destruction ⚠️Intentional Satanic allowed influences ⚠️Intentional demonic pushed propaganda ⚠️Intentional pushed hatred and turning away from _ AMERICA'S FOUNDATION 💥forming hatred & ignorance towards Capitalism _ Biblical truths _ Jesus Christ as Savior _ the Need to trust & seek GOD Creating future generations of . . . Hate Anger Violence Depression Addictions Satanic worship DOERNBECHER CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL, Portland has a full service clinic for pediatric gender transition. With the doubling down in K-12 public schools to support gender "expansive" students and promotion of transgender rights, you bet Parents' Rights In Education has reason to be concerned. We have received multiple calls from Oregon parents stating their schools are recommending the use of opposite sex pronouns for their children, as well as puberty blockers, chest binders, male genital tucking, and cross-sex hormones. SECRETS FROM PARENTS The scary part is school districts have adopted confidentiality policies keeping this information secret from parents. Student wishes trump their parents'. “Students who are not publicly asserting their authentic gender identity may have privacy concerns about students, school staff, community members, or their families finding out before they are ready to share their identity more widely. Parent and family support is the goal when supporting gender-expansive students, but may not be possible in all situations,” the new Oregon Department of Education Guide reads.


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