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‼️PLAN OF ACTION‼️ 1.) Register to vote at your current address. Check your voter status regularly. 2.) Register to vote as a Republican, especially in a closed primary state. 3.) Make sure that you are only registered in 1 state & cancel any other former voter registrations. 4.) Register voters outside of NASCAR & UFC events, Sound of Freedom movie showings, Jason Aldean concerts, gun shows, & Bass Pro Shops. 5.) Join your local county Republican Party & become a precinct chair. 6.) Become an Election Day Worker — & sign up to work all of early voting. 7.) Focus on this year’s statewide elections in KY, LA, MS, NJ, VA, & PA. 8.) Write letters to the editor in support of your favorite candidate or a policy agenda. If you never write a letter b/c you think it won’t be published, it will never be published. 9.) If elderly parents signed up for mail-in ballots, have the ballots sent to your home — not the assisted living facility. Stop illegal ballot harvesting by helping mom & dad.



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