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🚨 RED LIGHT ALERT 🚨 We need your help to fight SB 767 and preserve charter schools and their ability to grow by emailing the education committee and tell them to VOTE NO on SB 767. To make it easier for you, here are some talking points that you can use in your email (but please make them your own): ✔️Charter schools offer parents an alternative to traditional public schools without the financial burden of leaving the public education system. ✔️This bill puts the power into the hands of school districts instead of empowering charter schools to be able to offer an alternative to parents. ✔️The waiting lists for charter schools of parents seeking alternatives for their children tell us that there is a clear demand for charter schools. ✔️72% of Oregonians support school choice, including 60% of Democrats. As elected officials, it is important to represent the views of your constituents, the majority of whom likely support school choice and charter schools. By opposing SB 767, you can demonstrate your commitment to representing the will of the people and preserving their right to choose their child's education. ✔️Parents deserve choice in their child's education, and charter schools provide that option. This bill seeks to limit parents' choice and will ultimately lead to more parents leaving the public school system in favor of private institutions and homeschooling options. Here are their email addresses (you can copy and paste): Sen​ If you don't have much time, you can use this template on our grassroots platform, but please take a few minutes to add your own personal sentiments:



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