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WE'VE BEEN FLUSHED !!! CONTACT ALL OF THE OREGON SENATE by email before 8 AM WEDNESDAY TO TELL THEM TO VOTE NO ON WEDNESDAY !!! "Secretary Fagan has her comical video campaign to reassure voters that there is transparency throughout the voting system, all the while she was telling clerks to find reasons to increase charges for public requests to discourage requests. Now she wants to frighten observers away, and virtually eliminate any useful information through public requests. "SB 166's most aggressive attack against fair and transparent elections is the expanding of confidential information that includes the security plan, and all communications relating to the development and review of a security plan that is filed by the county clerks. It includes all their procedures, security agreements, cybersecurity procedures for the process of casting and tallying ballots, storing, scanning, pre-voting tally system checks, post-election ballot security, and any other security measure the Secretary requires by rule." IT ALSO DIRECTS HER TO MAKE UP ALL THE RULES HERSELF !!! ... "the Secretary encouraged counties to increase their fees to discourage requests for Cast Vote Records. What the citizens group “Clean Voter Rolls” discovered was what was once $30 to $465 went up to a high at $982,896.17 from Jackson County, $93,000 in Deschutes County and $52,000 in Douglas County, and many others were in tens of thousands as a result. Washington County Deputy District Attorney Jason Ring wrote in review of a $65,223.50 fee, “we find on these facts that the amount of this fee in comparison to the nature of the request “suggests” that its true purpose is to constructively deny the request.” He further notes that the Secretary was looking for ways to respond to legitimate requests while discouraging others. "Ring writes, “this reporting demonstrates that elections officials strongly disapprove of elections-related public records requests.” Meaning, they don’t want the public watching over their shoulders" "Janice Dysinger says, “SB 166 is using voter security to keep me from regular records requests because a few people might have written their name on their ballot. A lot of effort goes into keeping voters unidentified, but if a voter writes their name on their ballot, they are choosing to be identified.”" "It is obvious the Secretary of State does not want the public to have a transparent voting system. "According to Dysinger, if SB 166 passes, a voter can never challenge an election result or have any valid means to prove the simplest fraudulent acts or to request a forensic audit." Article by Donna Bleiler

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