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This is what our people in our govenment in Oregon are up against. And I can bet you that many other Democrat run States are also. Jane Brown Found this on Facebook Please stand up for our Faithful and innocent ORP leadership!!! Most of you know who the true villains are!!!! It's not just leadership they have gone after but Counties that supported the Yue recall have unfairly been attacked!!! NOW IS THE TIME TO UNITE!!!! ORP Leadership Response to “The Oregon Republican Party’s Shady This is what are leftist constituents are doing. And I can imagine the same thing is happening in other Democrat run States as well. They do this to disarm us so that we will give up. We can not give up. We need to beat them at their own game. It is sad that leaders of our State and Country have come to this. It is despicable and evil. But that is what we are fighting and with God's help, we can win. Finances” Story Over the last year, multiple officers, namely Chairman Justin Hwang, Vice Chair Angela Plowhead, Former Treasurer Alex McHaddad, and National Committeewoman Tracy Honl have endured verbal aggression, threats, harassment, doxing, and defamation from multiple party members. Now Secretary Jo Rae Perkins and Treasurer Brian Bishop are also being falsely accused of malfeasance. At times, it’s been necessary to speak up and then quickly move on. More often than not, however, we’ve chosen to let it go so that we can focus on what you elected us to do; things like building relationships with our county parties, donors, legislators, and like-minded friends; identifying and training leaders; recruiting new volunteers; and equipping candidates all in preparation to elect Republicans in the most important election of our lives in 2024. Over the last week, a packet was shared with many of you that contained a story entitled “The Oregon Republican Party’s Shady Finances” along with pages of FEC documents and a letter from Solomon Yue’s attorney. This packet was sent anonymously, but one of you shared that it was given to you by Solomon Yue’s attorney and close friend Vance Day. Day informed this person that this packet was prepared by Carol Williams. Les Poole, a former party officer and PCP, then emailed the party chairs and vice-chairs, promising “more to come,” suggesting a coordinated effort by people intent on destroying our party, our ability to fundraise and unity within the party. As a result of these false allegations against us, we were unable to focus completely on preparing for you all to join us for the important business of updating our party platform. Instead, we had to spend our time addressing the intentionally distorted, exaggerated, and fictitious allegations before us. While we would love to quickly address every single lie, insinuation, misquote and intentional misinterpretation and move on, it’s become clear that that just isn’t possible. We now understand how far they’ll go, and it won’t stop until we step up and do what’s needed to put an end to it. Chair Hwang, VC Plowhead, NCW Honl, and former Treasurer McHaddad are seeking legal remedies and have retained an attorney who specializes in this area of law. Our party has endured enough damage over the years through use of these same tired tactics. Enough is enough… While we have been spending countless hours traveling the state, meeting with and supporting candidates, building new teams to get these candidates elected, and looking for new and better ways to get the job done, what have our detractors done? These individuals spend their time engaged in sowing chaos, breeding paranoia, and outright defamation of character to further divide our party. These do not appear to be the actions of patriots who love our nation or our state, nor are they working to promote Republican ideas. Permitting this type of intentionally divisive behavior in our party is something all of us should condemn. More will be coming soon - including our individual responses, contracts, bank records, receipts, messages, and more. If you have any questions about anything you’ve read or heard, please don’t hesitate to ask us. And while we’re spending time on this, we’re excited for a great weekend with you all in Pendelton where we will be all about the business of building our Party. Chair Justin Hwang – Vice Chair Angela Plowhead – NCW Tracy Honl –, (503) 927-7374 Alex McHaddad –


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