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‼️⚠️‼️ First is an urgent email regarding SB348 and an amendment. It was originally sent out by Richard Emmons owner of the Eagle News Forum in Grants Pass.   Following this urgent information is the weekly update on bills which includes SB348 from Senator David Brock Smith "Last night at 7PM, the Democrats dropped a 64-page amendment into SB 348. This bill takes Measure 114, makes it worse, and puts it into a new bill which would take effect upon passage. Why would the Democrats do this? They dropped it in at 7PM Friday night so most people will find out about it on Monday when they are at work. That will be too late for most people to show up and/or prepare and submit written testimony in opposition to this bill in time for Monday’s hearing at 5PM. The Democrats know that ballot Measure 114 is tied up in federal and state courts and will likely be declared unconstitutional. By putting the language of Measure 114 into a bill the Democrats can use their power to bypass the judicial branch and get this bill into law and effect immediately. The Democrats took advantage of this opportunity to make Measure 114 worse. 1 The proposed bill increases the ‘permit-to-purchase’ fee from $65 to $150. This reflects the newfound reality of the bureaucratic complexity of Measure 114 and the higher costs of implementation. The result of a higher fee is to make buying a gun more difficult for people who live in poor areas. 2 The bill backdates the prohibition against gun magazines holding more than 10 rounds to Dec. 12, 2022. If passed, this bill criminalizes the buyers of such magazines despite it being legal at the time due to Measure 114 being tied up in court. 3 The bill increases the minimum age to buy a gun to 21. 4 The bill requires a 72-hour waiting period between the purchase time and the delivery to the buyer. I read the bill as amended and it’s all in there. You can read SB 348 here: You can read the staff summary here. This summarizes what the bill does. You can find links to the hearing and submit written testimony from this page. Submitting written testimony is key to stopping this bill. Few of us can drive to Salem on Monday so we need to bury them with written testimony.



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