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CONSTITUTIONAL CONCEALED CARRY PETITION: There is an effort to amend Oregon's Constitution. Article 1 Section 27 currently reads, "(1) The people shall have the right to bear arms for the [defence] defense of themselves, and the State, but the Military shall be kept in strict subordination to the civil power." This amendment would add, "(2) The right described in subsection (1) of this section includes the right to carry, without a permit, a concealed firearm." They are currently collecting the initial 1,000 sponsorship signatures. After this, they will get approval to begin collecting the 160,551 signatures by July 2024 that are needed to get the amendment on the ballot for the November 2024 election. Please follow this link to download the one line signature sheet, print it off, sign, and mail it to the address shown to help reach the initial 1,000 signature goal. Mail completed signature sheet to: 21201Bridge Creek Rd SE Silverton, OR 97381

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