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Tomorrow: Wednesday Night Jan 11th 6:00 PM at the Sweet Home Senior Center 880 18th Ave Sweet Home. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is holding a public meeting in Sweet Home to discuss its draft impact statement for the Willamette River Basin's 13 dams and reservoirs, including Foster and Green Peter. A Conservative advocate working in the industry has done extensive work on the subject and will be presenting. He only has factual grid data but supposition by others is that this may be part of a larger agenda to remove dams, make NW power less dependent on reliable/flexible hydro power and drive people to green energies which do not have the response capability of hydro-power and are more easily controlled by government. This could also create "Island Events" as we saw in the Texas winter 2 years ago where wide-scale black-outs occurred because of a lack of back-up capability with no Sun or Wind. For people on respirators, freezers full of food and other charging requirements this could be a life-threatening disaster. Unfettered migration of the Salmon Runs (which everyone wants) is the shiny object to gain public support for removing dams but citizens must be informed of all 2nd, 3rd order consequences and who is behind the actions. Maintenance of democracy depends on an informed, engaged and vocal populace -- It is a complex issue, but this is a good opportunity to gain ground-floor knowledge that will certainly impact all our lives in the years ahead. Please Plan to Attend if at all possible


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