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The Oregon Secretary of State’s office is about to sign a contract with a vendor (this Friday, Oct. 27) to create a sophisticated citizen surveillance technology to combat (in their estimation) mis/dis/mal information about election integrity. (And apparently, the SOS is the arbiter of what constitutes mis/dis/mal information). They plan to monitor, track, perform 24-7 notification of, combat and DISARM (their words) supposed “threats” to their assertion that Oregon elections are “safe and secure”.   Instead of putting OUR TAXPAYER MONEY into actually improving our election systems and checks and balances, they are launching a huge “fact-checking” surveillance and DISARMING technological machine to SHUT DOWN OUR FIRST AMENDMENT FREE SPEECH to question anomalies and demand clean elections.   Not only is this a clear violation of the First Amendment in it’s premeditated censorship of free speech; it constitutes taxpayer money paying for our own muzzle.   With the general election in exactly one year, this is also election interference, because any Oregon CANDIDATE who expresses a concern about our election process will clearly be targeted and silenced. This is truly shocking.   This SOS Citizen Censorship “Solution” will ALSO target media, podcasters, radio, etc. and shut down those voices as well.   Finally, what will STOP other agencies from using this technology to shut down dissent about any other subject matter?   Under what authorization does an Oregon executive branch office have to do this? Further, I believe there is recent state and federal case law AGAINST censoring agencies.   This is ATROCIOUS, and I wanted to you to be on the forefront of what is happening in Oregon.   We need thousands of us to call the SOS and demand this be stopped. Contact: Phillip Andrews, CPPB is the contact point for this RFP 971-600-6269. General SOS Elections Division phone: 503-986-1518)


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