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Copied from FB.

☀️Good Morning!! For those of you that would like to help in attaining signatures for the proposed Ohio Constitutional Amendment for The "Medical Right to Refuse", please see attached website for more information and to download a packet today.

Keep it in your car or on your person, and print extra signature sheets to have handy when you come across like minded and open minded people in your daily jouneys. Grab signatures wherever you are able and get them mailed back according to attached instructions.

Ask others to help by forwarding them the website so they can get involved. We need all the help we can get and we appreciate everyones HELP with this mission. Please read instructions very carefully. Thank you and have a wonderful day!!

Please help share this message

P.S. : If you know of any upcoming events or gatherings, please reach out to me directly so that we can contact the sponsors to see if we are able to set up a signature table or booth. We have LOTs of work to do in a short period of time and want to be visible whever possible. Thank you


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