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A few weeks ago, Liberty First of Wayne County (Citizens for Constitutional Liberties) hosted an excellent “Reclaiming America” seminar. I want to highlight the organizations and candidates who contributed to a day focused on the Constitution. (LibertyFirst meets monthly in Goldsboro – Linda Harper,

Excellent NC Resource! NC Family Policy Council (Jere Royall) – – You can sign up for weekly action alerts related to family and faith issues in NC. Or, here is the direct link to legislative action needs - For example, there are 3 pro-family bills that the Governor vetoed and legislators need to override the veto.

Family Research Council – Dr. Mark Harris of NC has joined the FRC team to “unite with like-minded churches & ministries…that share the vision of impacting the culture with Biblical truth.” Their political action link -

Preserve America Now (Karl Landgren in NC) - – “To advocate for the education of the Constitution for the purpose of promoting American patriotism.



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