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North Carolina

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Does anyone have insight into encouraging the NC legislature to take action on behalf of the unborn? After the overturning of Roe, a NC law was restored that made abortions illegal after 20 weeks (5 months!). The legislative session opened today. In a recent interview, Rep. Saine said that although he is pro-life, he is hesitant to make changes – that further restrictions could end up in court and have a worse outcome (really?). Ultimately, I want this murder stopped! We have a Republican majority on the state supreme court which should help (I pray). While I recognize that attempting to abolish abortion would likely fail at this time and bring pro-choice activism and funding to NC, what is a reasonable first step toward ending abortion? A heartbeat bill? Ultrasound requirements? As it stands now, NC tragically serves as a destination for abortions for those in more restrictive states.

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