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North Carolina

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I may not be able to fight in any wars if they break out but I sure can use my mouth as a weapon right now!!!

We need to all pull together and get out there!!

I've sat and wished about being in DC with 1776rm many times while watching from a computer screen to try to help but I just couldn't. February they came to my town and I knew I had to do something to show my support. They had flag waves and a Freedom Seminar and boy did it get me interested in getting out there. So here I am now a lead in my county helping 1776rm patriots fight the battle !!

Anyone interested in my area (Pasquotank County)of joining up with me and going to meetings, flag waves and getting information out there please send me a message

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Lisa Briley
Lisa Briley
Mar 18, 2023

You are an amazing patriot and we are proud to work with you!



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