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The State Leads Group is only for those who have been approved to be a State Lead. If you have been approved as a State Lead, please join the group. If you want to apply to be a State Lead or want to check the status of your State Lead application, please email Indiana Bob at

Thank you.

Indiana Bob
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I drove about 300 miles today thru parts of Louisiana, and Texas meeting Patriots. It's hard to locate members with no info about your location or your name. Be in Oklahoma late tomorrow.

Indiana Bob
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If you are actually from Louisiana reach out to me.

Happy New Year All Lousinana Patriots! We have a busy year ahead, let us not lose sight of upcoming elections that will directly affect you at home. We are stronger together. This is the year for you to make a difference in your community. Volunteer and let's make a difference together. Volunteer Application | 1776RM

There are three gubernatorial seats on the ballot in 2023.

Out of all the state executive offices, only the governor is elected in all 50 states. As the chief executive officer, the governor is among the most powerful figures in state government. Other executive offices ordinarily report to him or her.

  • Kentucky

  • Louisiana

  • Mississippi


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