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Hey Kansas,

We have flag waving every Saturday at the VA on the corner of 21st & Gage, we park in the CVS parking lot, & the parking lot on the North side of Spangles from 10-12. Then we get together & go out to eat lunch and visit. Been doing it for 2 years now, weather permitting of course.

We can also promote 1776 RM by handing out pamphlets, have a bake sale or anything you can think of to promote them. Lmk. God Bless

With the weather warming up, would like to start a flag wave after eating for a few hours out on the Fairlawn bridge. Parking area is east of the governor mansion, or at the gas station on the corner of 6th & Fairlawn.

Would love to have the word spread like wildfire here in Kansas.

Patriots, what do you think?



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