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Good evening Iowa ...Today was a very blessed day for me..I woke up to an amazing view.GOD gifted us with a breath taking fog,Of course it freezing and snow covers everything...but that fog touches everything with silky smooth touch of white on every branch and limb..My 12 year old grandson made biscuits hashbrowns and sausage gravy...I can only think how blessed I am.. This week I am at the farm ,chicken sitting and of course the three dogs..While their dad has to work out of town..I know that cold snowy freezing wind doesn't inspire too much out door activity..It gives me a good opportunity to down load the fliers and print a few.That is also a blessing here .. the printer, It's a small step but that will help this journey to build the Iowa 1776 RM patriots group..So I truly hope that y'all found your day blessed..

Indiana Bob


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