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Please read the attached Declaration of Constitutional Default and Declaration of Financial Default presented

December 5 22 Default AAAA 2_edits
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to the California legislature today by New California State. The Declaration of Financial Default states that the California legislature, by allowing agency employment of persons who were knowingly and willfully engaging in high-risk assumptions to underfund pensions in the normal course of their employment, have now put at risk the financial default of the State Teachers Retirement System and the California Public Employees Retirement System. In addition, the New State of California believes the EDD is a major source of funds to foreign countries through a money laundering scheme that involves the California Department of Motor Vehicles in which there was an estimated $850 billion laundered through the EDD since the beginning of the pandemic. However, since 1996, under the Motor Voter Act, the number appears to be upward of $30 trillion laundered from the California State EDD.



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