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1776RM National Group

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Judy  Beard
Founding Member

I think that the 1776RM was out there trying to wake people up to research who they will be voting for in 2024, and not just the President. I know that is what I was and still am working at. The 1776RM does not have to end but start in a new chapter of the movement. I feel that God is the one that got this movement going and He is the one that will keep it going, if we don't just throw up are hands a quit. Maybe this is God's way of waking people up and letting them know that they need to get more involved. Our National Team did so much hard work and I think that some, not all, but some members thought all they needed to do was support the NT financially. NO, we need people to get off their behinds and get physically involved.

Indiana Bob
Faith and Country


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