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Faith and Country
Faith and Country

My final statement to 1776RM from Carin only, Mags doesn’t Even know I’m writing this. A sincere Thank you to Elf, for your generosity in our time of need, you did save our family from losing everything while we supported 1776. For that I can never thank you enough.

I also cannot thank you enough for the many messages and emails I am now receiving with threats to our life, our home, and the defamation of Character for Mags “stealing” from 1776rm. We did not ask for one cent. NOT ONE. We did not STEAL anything.. It is astounding to me, how Mags writing a book about his experience, and then demanding accountability for the questions from 1776 supporters that were being ignored has lead to this.

Call it a win if you will, you win. Congratulations.

To the others involved, it has been an honor meeting some of you wonderful people. Some of you have made a deep impact on my heart, that I will carry with me forever.

After much thought, I will no longer be apart of this group. Although I didn’t speak much, I followed every day. I supported every day. I wore my Tshirts around town and talked about the group often.

@steve754 can You advise me on how to remove myself pemanently? Also @crystalsanderson1986how to remove me from admin on Facebook page? I sent an email to the email address listed on fb page with no reply….

I will still continue my patriotic journey in other ways, and I’m sure I will see some of you around, just this chapter in my life will be closed. Much love 🇺🇸✌️

Sancia D
Barbara Puglese
C.W. Hightower
Kimberly Boeschling-Hinkson
Vickie Searles
Vickie Searles
17 nov 2023

Praying for you and Mags. You are great people. No one believes you ask for money, you did nothing wrong. These evil people are just jealous of you and Mags, stand strong. We all know this was to help the evil people. Y'all did what was right for your family as would anybody. Elf donated money is no different than any other person that donates money. We all see where Elf's heart went to. We love y'all and stand with you. Besides words can't hurt you, they don't have the money to go anywhere.

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