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The 1776RM Organization is no longer a protesting group. As of October we have switched our efforts to an educational/informational organization. There are people working tirelessly behind the scenes to refine and implement the plan to best achieve our goals. We need each of you with your varied talents to accomplish the outreach to the masses. The organization is barely twelve weeks old and much has been accomplished with much more to do.

Due to the above information, you will not see 1776RM as a group represented at protests/vigils. You may see members of 1776RM, of their own free will, participating from time to time. They certainly have the freedom to do so.

As for the social media outlets for 1776RM, there will be a limit to the posts regarding J6. While we send our prayers to the leadership and support their mission, it is not the focus of 1776RM. It is great to see so many patriots getting involved and having their voices heard in so many areas. At this time, 1776RM is super busy and must stay with our assignment to arm patriots with the knowledge they will need to stand!

You will notice some posts being removed from the website and please do not take offense. We encourage all of our supporters/patriots to follow your heart and stand up, where ever that may be.

Great things are coming in 2023 and we are so excited that you have chosen to be a part of the 1776RM family!

United We Stand


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