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Judy  Beard
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I was just watching Ms. Anne Lakes video on FB. She was talking with Joe, I think that is his name but not sure, and Joe was saying that there was a couple of patriots in Florida that was really down because they didn't see anything going on. I would like to give some encouragement to whoever that was and any other member of the 1776RM that may be getting discouraged - HANG IN THERE. I have been discourage also a few times, but I will not give up. I get emails and notifications from other Patriots sites and I share them and find that it is helpful often. I cannot get out and do much physicality so I try and find things that are going on in the political area and share them on FB and with the 1776RM National Group as well as my Texas State Group.

Santa warned us in one of his videos that this fight for our Constitution Republic and our Freedom was not going to be easy, not for the faint of heart. But just like sharing the gospel, we have no idea what effect we are having until, sometime, maybe years later, someone you had shared the gospel with lets you know that what you had shared touched them and they often thought what you said.

All I have to say is "Stay on the course, seek God's guidance and DON'T GIVE UP". It is always darkness just before the dawn.

God bless America and 1776RM.

Brian Harbaugh


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