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Wednesday morning thoughts.

I wonder....

With the current state of the economy, which I once thought was due to the ineptitude of the current administration, it is a struggle for all groups that are fighting for our freedoms to continue said fight. I am convinced however, that this is not ineptitude. It is a calculated, thought out result of the overall plan of our tyrannical federal government. If inflation is at a 40 year high and people are paying $4.00 gallon for gas, groceries are 3 times more expensive, interest rates climbing every month and open borders creating a flood of illegals into our country to bleed more money from us there is no way citizens will have any extra money to try and support groups that are standing against the tyrants! As everyone knows, families can't operate like the government. If we continue to exist from a position of massive debt, it will soon devour us. My father used to say, "If you want to dance, at some point you will have to pay the band". I guess other than trying to make everyone dependent on the government, the added bonus for them is there is very little money left in household budgets to support the groups fighting back. Has to be by design....

Don't get me wrong, every one of these groups, including 1776RM has a small contingent of dedicated supporters, but how long can those few continue to support financially. Regardless, we will continue the fight. Our Tshirt sales, raffles and auctions are the main source of revenue at this point. Remember the National Team will be in Ohio July 1-2 for the United Freedom Festival. Working on plans for the following weekend and will keep you posted.

Love you all

Sancia D
Nikki Sanford


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