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Good morning 1776 RM and supporters.

We are just 7 days away from our one year reunion in Golden Valley Arizona.

It's hard to believe that the years passed since we all got very excited about a convoy of truckers RVs and cars decided to spend the night in our little neck of the woods

They got a great welcome. I am sincerely hoping on Sunday the 26th to be able to welcome quite a few people down at Great American Pizza in Golden Valley Arizona. We have said that Taco Joe and Oreo will be there we are not 100% sure on that but Taco Joe has said he is coming and Josh emailed me with questions and wanting more information so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Once again if you have contact with anyone who was with the convoy it doesn't matter if they were known or unknown. Remember when you think about it there was just a handful of people that became really well known from that convoy and at a certain point in time there were over 100 vehicles in it so a lot of people took time out went and supported the cause I've never got there face on a live stream or anything like that. But these people were just as important. So we welcome any and all Patriots whether you travel with the convoy or not. Once again there is plenty of room for semi trucks and RVs.

If you do decide to come down look for me I will be doing an introduction and a welcome and then I have a speaker who started the people's movement when TPC founded who is going to tell us how important it is to still keep working at state level.

And we may have same names but we are all working for the same thing remember that.

Sancia D
Nikki Sanford


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