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Judy  Beard
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The 1776 Restoration Movement is not only red; we aren't only blue. WE are Red, White, and Blue, WE are freedom-loving Americans, UNITED in our mission.

Remember this? It is posted on 1776RM main page. Let's get UNITED again and get to work on getting people to see and understand what is happening in our country right under their noses. Some of you would be surprised at how many people have not clue as to what the politicians are trying/doing to our Constitution, not just nationally, but even the individual states. Either we stand together or we all will fall together under tyranny control and lost of freedom we still have at this time.

So many people do not know about the J6ers and how their rights have been taken away and how American Citizens are being treated in our country. If people knew what is happening to the J6ers in jail, they would think it was in a different country, because AMERICANs treat humans better than that, they think.

When someone comes on our website and tries to cause division, we can stop it by not responding at all. If you don't like what they say, ignore it.



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