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Indiana Bob
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I want to thank everyone for your generous donations, for all the prayers and support for Hunter and I, on this journey. It's been amazing meeting the people we've met along the way. Things haven't gone as I had planned, but I have truly felt the presence of God and the love of all of you. We are currently in Kansas, staying with fellow Patriots. A dear friend and Patriot here in Kansas, Mary, which many of you met in Indiana, is in her last days, even hours of living. She is an awesome woman, loves her God, her country, and our flag. I had given my word when she visited us in Indiana that I would be a pallbearer at her funeral and that time is very near. I thank God for his perfect timing, allowing me to arrive in Kansas in time to visit with Mary and keep my promise to her. Please keep Mary, Julie and Myself in your prayers these next several days.

Decisions will be made by the group in the next few days on our plans from this point.

Thank you, Bob and Hunter.

Sancia D


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