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Help me The cost of gas and trips to doctors has depleted my funds. I still need to drive to all the business in Branson to find sponsors and get donations something that works best in person. Please can someone send me a gas card or make a fas deposit to $bugtussling. or email me I am working so hard to make the patriot reunion the best, Biden gas cost are making it so hard to do. It costs me $60.00 to fill my tank. I am down to my last 3/8th if a tank when thats gone I will be grounded till pay day the 3rd of Oct. The 900 needed for the band deposit is due on the 1st of Oct, I have on hand the site pre payment of $300.00 for two sites. I wish I just 4 people would per pay for their sites I would have what I need for the band deposit. each 10x20' site for the whole 9 days and 8 nights is just $150.00 that includes brunch each day. Plus vip show tickets to all 3 shows. I need help with gas asap. If I am to get to the doctor in Springfield, Mo. on the 25th I must save what gas I have left for that trip. If is sounds like I am begging well I am. I have not asked for help till now but that trip to the ER in springfield 45 mins away took its toll on my gas tank. The one of the things food stamps will not cover. Email me if you would like to send me a gas card. I will tell you how you can do that. Hope to see most of you in Nov. at the patriot reunion. HUGS.

Lisa Briley


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