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Judy  Beard
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I am not giving up on 1776RM. I have been with it since it came to be, May 20, 2022. I realize that I have not given near as much as some, but I will continue to do what I can to get people to stand up against the tyranny our government has become.

I am sorry to say that I am disappointed in Santa giving up and letting the "Critters" have victory in getting him out of leadership. But I still believe God put this group together and if we keep Him as the center of the 1776rm, He will keep us going strong to do what we began. My prayer is that there is one of our members that is willing to step up and be a leader willing to keep us going strong.

In our walk with Jesus we read in the Bible several times to "finish the race", to "stand strong", to "not fall away". That is how I feel about 1776RM and it's purpose. As long as my Heavenly Father keeps me going, I will not quit.

Sancia D
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