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Hello everyone!

First, thanks to everyone who has joined our fight and help to support our mission. We are sacrificing a lot for this movement and all the support means the world to us, without it we couldn't do what we do. With that said, here is a quick update on Founding Memberships.

Founding Member T-shirts - Shirts will be available this week. Members will receive and email with a link to our Founding Members store. There they will be able to choose a size and color for their shirt. A coupon code will be provided for their shirt price and no one has access to this store except Founding Members. Coins - Coins are in the process of being created. This takes a bit of time as the coins are custom made. We do not pre order them, your coin is made for you. The timeframe on that is 6-8 weeks but we are pushing to make that quicker. Membership Cards - These are also custom made and are in the process of being created.

None of these things are quick turnaround items, especially since almost all are custom made for our members.

To close, thank you. Thank you all who have helped to support the mission and these brave patriots willing to put it all on the line for our freedom and theirs. Mags

Sancia D
Tonie ChambersYT


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