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Wednesday morning thoughts

Mission has stayed the same.

Saturday May 20th will be one year since the formation of 1776RM and our mission has stayed the same. We want our country restored to a Constitutional Republic and return to a moral society. Although we have gone through different looks and phases, that mission has not wavered. We have made friends and enemies along the way, but the mission remains the same. There have been good times and bad but we press onward. I am sure as we gather on the anniversary of our founding, there will be discussions as to the direction forward and what is the next step. Regardless of that plan that is laid out, the mission will remain the same. It must remain the same. One thing is for sure, we need conservative minded, free thinking, freedom loving Americans to stand with one voice and say enough is enough. If we are ever to see this great nation return to a Constitutional Republic, We the People are going to have to make that happen. So this weekend will be a time of reunion and celebration, then back to the mission at hand. We had a good start here in central PA last night with some key wins in county commissioner and school board races. People all across this land want the same thing, so now we just need to unite as one to make it happen. There have been changes in location, personnel and format but the mission has stayed the same. I hope one day as we gather with friends and family, to be be able to look them in the eye and with complete confidence say, mission accomplished!

Love you all.

Sancia D


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